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sandeep murugesh
Is the 'time machine' a fantasy or a possibility acheivable through engineering? View All
Lot of people talk about the time machine.Some say 'The Relativity theory' supports the idea.can it be really possible to travel back in time and change history?Through some freaky machine.Time and Tide wait for no Man!!!Or can it?

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Graham Proudley
Ahhh, Back to the Future eh? Gotta love that film....
The problem with time travel is that there hasn't been any real experiments to my knowledge. There is plenty of theory out there, but you need to test those theories.

And if time travel were possible, wouldn't people from "the future" have visited us already? No, I think the only working time machines are the ones that hang on our walls or we wear on our wrists.

11 years ago


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Richard B
Speaking of relativity, there was apparently an experiment done which involved two atomic clocks. The two clocks were set to the same time and checked for accuracy. Then one clock was put on a plane which flew right around the world, while the other was kept safely in some lab somewhere. After the plane ride, the times on the two clocks were different. As far as I know, it's got something to do with time being constant in your particular reference frame, but different to the time in other reference frames. Who knows, it might be possible to find out next week's lottery numbers after all...

11 years ago


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