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what is the principle of operation of a motovariator gearbox? View All
i have one powered by a 3phase motor(0.75KW) and its running hotter than usual and sounds unusual, i opened it and other than being overfilled with oil could see no obvious damage. this was a production issue so i didn't have time dismantle fully and poke around, if i know the principle of operation i can formulate in my head likely failures and things to look for next time.

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A variator gearbox is a continuously variable gear set. There are a number of different systems that can be used including planetary gears, belts and variable width pulleys, cones and disk, and cycloidal pinwheels, etc.

Do you know what particular system this gear box is based on?


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looking down and in i could see 3 equi-spaced disks which would move inwards and outwards together, all machined components and probably a thrust bearing all in a bath of gear oil. this 'box was about 8"x8" by about 5" deep.

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