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what are the calculations associated with cranes and how can they be calculated.what is a boom angle? View All
I'm actually trying to find out how calculations involving the load the crane is lifting,the inclined angle of the crane and general calculations and theories about the crane and it's application.

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Your expanded query is quite extensive and can not really be answer here. It would take several replies. You may want use Google or another search engine. Search on the phrase "crane design". You will get a lot of different links that may assist you in understanding basic crane design. Below are a number of links that would be a start.

As for boom angle, boom angle is typically measured from the vertical. A Zero boom angle occurs when the boom is vertical and 90 degree angle is when the boom is horizontal. This knowing this important for a number of reasons including the need to know the upsetting moment on the crane. The greater the boom angle the more the upsetting moment.


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