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what type of interview questions should i expect on hydraulics and pneumatics View All

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Premnath Patinharath
There may be questions like (1) Do you know how to convert Kg/ into lb/ (2) draw and explain the hydraulic ram (3) Why hydraulic test instead of pneumatic test preferred for testing presuure vessels? (4) Explain the formula P1V1 = P2V2 (5) Accumulator Explanation (6) :Laws of Thermodynamics

9 years ago

Source: Engineering books

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To add to the questions that ultimate provided:

1. Please, read and interpret this hydraulic schematic.

2. What is the difference between a single acting and a double acting cylinder?

3. Prepare a simple hydraulic or pneumatic circuit diagram.

4. How do you control water hammer in a hydraulic system?

5. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of these types of pumps-
- Lobed pumps
- Vein pumps
-diaphragm pumps
- piston pumps
-centrifugal pumps

6. Which of the pumps from question 5 are considered positive displacement pumps?

7. Propose a problem with hydraulic system and ask for solutions. You may want to have an associate of your pose some specific questions here.

9 years ago

Source: Been there done that.

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