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how to convert gif files in to notepad or ms Office View All

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If it's a picture, then converting it will only let you see programming language. If it's a picture of a document, if you change the extension from .gif to .doc (MS Word), or .txt (MS Notepad), a newer version of windows will automatically convert it. I believe it still is a picture file though, and you will only be able to see the programming language. If I find anymore info I will post it, otherwise good luck.

7 years ago


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I'm not sure that conver is the correct word. It seems to me that you want to import the graphic. I do not believe you can do this with notepad, although you may be able to in Wordpad. From most MS Office applications, you can import a graphic by clicking on the "Insert" menu at the top and going down to "Picture". From there you select "File" and browse for the appropriate file on your computer. Wordpad may work like this also. You should also be able to open up the image in its default viewer and copy and paste it into your document.

7 years ago


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