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Mike Wifado
Research topics in Electrical Engineering View All
Is there any research topic(s) in Electrical Engineering?

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John Blawish
In DC circuits thermal properties of various resisitor materials can be investigated. In AC circuits what is imaginary current and why did it cause output transformers in old vacuum tube amplifiers to fry. In all circuits, delta - wye conversions and their use in Thevanin / Norton equivalent calculations. In digital circuits z transforms and their relation to Fourier / Laplace transforms. In general engineering, batteries is a very big topic from what are rechargable alkalynes and why are most not rechargable to what types of batteries are used in automobiles, computors, calculators, hearing aids and why each type was selected. For state of the art research, audio/video compression techniques, storage technologies and engineering for computer "hard drives", and bio-electronic monitoring and nerve/muscle/brain stimulation.

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