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The tension between industrial Brands, Agencies and Publishers - Content marketing is reshaping who tells marketing stories
Agencies are under pressure to change what they offer engineering brands
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The end of prospecting for sales leads?
Why marketing is more important than sales if you sell to engineers
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Buyer Personas for Engineers. What questions to ask?
Engineers don’t think like marketers, so be prepared for an “understanding gap”&nb...
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The ugly field work in gathering Buyer Personas for Engineers
Can you understand your customers without leaving your office?
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Changes in the A/E/C Buying Process

Many architects, engineers and construction professionals still believe that the only way to sell se... More >>
7 secrets to Internet Marketing for Industry
I just read Michael Cooney’s new eBook, “7 secrets to Internet Marketing for Industry&rd...
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Internet ad revenues grew 15% to $37B in 2012
IAB numbers were released this week.  The details in case you missed it:
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PC shipments to decline 7.6%. Tablets to rise 69.8%. What it means to industrial marketers.

Research firm Gartner is forecasting a decline of 7.6% for traditional notebooks and desktops in 201... More >>
Amazon brings Structured Search to industrial products

What does structured search mean for your digital marketing budget?  Probably that you will buy... More >>
Using data to tell advertising stories. The NY Times lessons for engineering marketers.

NY Times is using data to tell more engaging advertising stories.  What does this mean for engi... More >>
Sponsored posts popular with readers – MIT Tech Review

Native advertising (also called sponsored posts) is popular with readers, according to Jason Pontin,... More >>
Video marketing for engineers – new eBook

Phew!  I’ve been promising this eBook on how to create video for engineers for over a mon... More >>
Is criticism bad for your brand?
As a marketer, your goal is to cast your product in the best possible light.  But engineers hav...
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Feeling more love from Youtube for industrial videos, and wondering why….

Older industrial marketing videos garner more views last month than in 2012. We noticed that some... More >>
Does Active Social Sharing work for Engineering Marketers?

I’m really curious about the power of active social sharing for marketing to engineers. If yo... More >>
Predicting number of lead from a campaign – looking for your help

Here at we're creating an algorithm to predict the number of leads you can expect fro... More >>
Marketo’s social media marketing guide is a great example of content marketing.

For those of you who don’t know them, Marketo is a marketing software company.  They rece... More >>
2 key takeaways for engineering marketers from Deloitte’s 2013 predictions

Deloitte claims 80%+ prediction accuracy on their 2012 predictions.  Now that they’ve set... More >>
Can engineering marketers get a better crystal ball? The risk of bias in marketing predictions.

My son gave me “The Signal and the Noise”, by Nate Silver this Christmas.  It talks... More >>
Marketing to engineers shifting away from number of leads in 2013

The main focus for engineering marketers in 2013 will still be on leads, with web site traffic comin... More >>

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