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What are engineering marketers planning for 2014?
You tell us.  We’ll tell you.
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The Sales Qualified Lead Factory
Applying manufacturing theory to marketing for engineers
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2014 – The Year of the Story for Engineering Marketers
Marketers tell us they’ll be creating more content than ever next year
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Lead Quality versus Quantity. The Engineering Marketers Dilemma.
A big pool of contacts, or a few sales-ready leads?
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Accountability and the Engineering Marketer
What we learned from marketing experts along the PLM Highway
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Choosing a Marketing Automation Tool for Engineers
Our path to deciding between Hubspot and Act-On
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Algorithms don’t unlock the secrets to making great engineering videos
Experts comment on how to go beyond the numbers to engage prospects
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Paying for Coverage of your Engineering Stories
Marketers are taking advantage of new ways that engineers consume content
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The Media that Engineers are Reading
Does anybody still read magazines?
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How to tell a marketing story
Former journalist now tells corporate brand stories.  Good insights for marketers. 
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Email marketing to engineers – 6 keys to higher CTRs

Sarah Goliger (@sarahbethgo) from Hubspot highlighted the following six key email principles in her ... More >>
Art and the engineering marketer
Seth Godin on why you have to risk failure to create great marketing
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Engineering Marketing Lessons from a Charity
Would inspirational stories help engineers connect to your brand?
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Are you a skeptic when it comes to the latest marketing hype?

We have been introduced to so many new technologies and ideas over the past 15 years, it's ... More >>
Inbound Marketing is on a Tear

The participants at the Inbound conference have grown from 1100 to2,400 to 5,300 in 3 years.&nb... More >>
Engineering stories are hard to tell. One possible solution.
The biggest challenge for industrial content marketers is creating engaging content.  
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What’s in a name? Sponsored Content vs. Native Advertising for Engineers
More industrial marketers are getting into the paid media game
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Should engineering content marketers write about general industry news?
Some teams are becoming mini trade publications
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Are you going to the Inbound Marketing Conference?
Drinks on us if we see you in Boston
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