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Most engineering marketers don’t talk to customers
John Hayes posted on October 18, 2012 | 1045 views

Most marketers never actually get a chance to spend time with the engineers who are their end users.  That’s too bad.  Spending time in the field provides an opportunity to more deeply understand how and why your product is used in the workplace. 

Instead, we often rely on 2nd hand information that comes from our sales force or through quick customer meetings at trade shows.  Learning about your product use this way can get you a long way towards understanding the rational processes of decision making.  But to really understand what’s happening, nothing beats face to face in a work environment.

If you ever get the chance, I strongly recommend going on a customer visit.  You may find nuances in the engineer’s work environment that help you spark a break-through marketing approach.  

Do you get out to customer sites as often as you would like?  Do you agree that it's worthwhile?

Btw – on a recent customer trip to Austin, our team had a chance to hoist a few drinks at the Iron Cactus. 

From left to right is:

  • Me, John Hayes (drink in hand)
  • Kyle Maxey, script writer and editor of 3D printing section (standing)
  • Dan Hedges of This Week in Engineering fame (green shirt)
  • Adrian Nash, our Sales Director
  • Allison Toepperwein of the Product Design Show (with her new hair cut)
  • Vince Penman, who stars in This Week in Engineering and the Product Design Show. 

If you ever go there, I recommend the Mexican Martini. 



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