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What does the iPhone 5 mean for industrial marketers?
John Hayes posted on September 13, 2012 | 1041 views

The iPhone 5 is predicted to sell up to 10M devices by the end of September.  At the same time, Android devices are being activated at a rate of 900,000 per day.  Engineers are consuming content on mobile devices at a rapid rate.

If you still strive to deliver all your messages to an engineer in front of a computer at work, you may be missing a big market. 

Delivering mobile messages isn’t easy.  Engineers don’t use their tablets or phones to search for specs or read data sheets.  They are watching video, reading blogs and generally using them as content consumption devices.

So it’s no wonder that content marketing, the practise of building your brand through distributing valuable content, is growing so fast.  No doubt your company is already producing blog and/or video content to build engagement with your target audience.

But how do you get that content to a mobile audience?  At we’ve worked for years to build the largest mobile and social audiences for industrial marketers.  That platform is now available to help you reach your audience. 

Shoot me a note at to learn more, or take a look at:


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