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Engineers are in charge of the content they consume. Will they choose your marketing messages?
John Hayes posted on August 16, 2012 | 1190 views

Marketers have to get engineers to “choose to consume their content”.  Now that so much content is consumed digitally, engineers can decide which blogs to read and what stories to follow.  The sheer volume of content makes for intense competition for attention.

According to Brian Shin of Visible Measures, content consumers are in control of what they see and on what device they see it.  And he says they want to see video.  I’m thinking maybe we should listen to Brian since he just closed a $21M financing round to bring the total for Visible Measures to $64M.

Visible Measures is creating a video ad delivery network that will place ad content in context, much like Adwords.  This is available to consumer marketers only for now.  Until it becomes available for industrial marketers your best bet is likely to place your content as proximate to an engineering editorial stream as you can.

There are still lots of reasons to deliver engineering marketing materials in written form, especially for specifications.  That said, there is no denying the increasing power of video. 

 You can see an interview with Brian on at  (They don’t have an embed code to play the video on this page)

You can learn more about’s content distribution service at



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