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Content marketing by the numbers part 2. How important is the quality of your content?
John Hayes posted on July 17, 2012 | 1262 views

In an earlier post we reviewed how engineers decide what to read.  That post listed the top 6 items engineers scan to decide what to read.  In this post we delve into the importance of promoting your content.

Our analysis shows that promoting content via email, social media and mobile devices is more important than the content itself.  Poor content that is exposed to a wide audience will get more views, and even more likes and comments, than great content that has poor promotion.

This has big ramifications for your content marketing budget.  You are better off making fewer content marketing pieces and promoting them more aggressively than you are making more pieces that don’t get broad exposure. 

Next up we look at engagement and how engineers decide whether to read or comment on an article. 

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