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Wonderful video example of a new industrial product introduction
John Hayes posted on May 24, 2012 | 1665 views

Check out this video that introduces the Objet30 Pro desktop printer:  It's great content marketing for engineers.

The video is a 3 minute leap of imagination, depicting a 3D printed character coming to life after his creator starts the printer and leaves it to build overnight.  The team at Objet got it just right, making the character appealing and funny while still getting the product message across.  (Except for the annoying 6 seconds of Objet logo at the 0:09 second mark.)   

When you look at this video you probably think that the production costs make it out of reach for anyone but the largest companies, but that’s no longer the case.  The falling cost of video has opened up a huge set of opportunities for industrial marketers to tell their stories. 

I saw a couple of manufacturing engineers at the RAPID show in Atlanta.  These guys are the exact target audience for the video.  They looked up from the smart phones to watch it for almost a minute.  That’s a great measure of success on a trade show floor.

Disclaimer: Objet is a customer of ours, but we had nothing to do with this video (sadly).  That said, we do create more videos for engineering marketers than anyone, so if you want to learn more please contact me at


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