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Who is your spokesperson? One more challenge for industrial video.
John Hayes posted on March 28, 2012 | 1344 views

You may have seen a recent post that stated there are more than 2 million industrial videos on Youtube.  So who is making all of these vids?

The companies behind this blizzard of content sell all manner of industrial products and services.  They are out there, armed with flip cams and product demos on their shop floors showing how their products work.  For a lot of these companies the biggest challenge isn’t writing the script – they’ve been practicing that on the trade show floor for years.  It’s getting somebody to stand in front of the camera and make the pitch.

You may be surprised to hear that professional actors and actresses are happy to do that job for you, and their fees are very modest.  If you are making more than one video, I would encourage you to put a professional actor in front of your camera to make at least part of your pitch.  We’ve been doing this for our own videos for more than a year.  You can see an example marketing video we made here

These people are so keen to get on camera that they will even come to an audition to try out.  That way you can choose the one who best reflects your company. 

If you have any questions about how to do it, just ask in the comments box or send an email to


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