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How to bring a little Hollywood to your content marketing for engineers.
John Hayes posted on March 20, 2012 | 1271 views

Industrial brands should follow a classic storytelling structure to engage their audiences, says Joe Pulizzi in his book, “Managing Content Marketing”. 

The summary below doesn’t do the book any justice, so by all means go buy it.  My point in reiterating the highlights here is that as industrial marketers we are increasingly called upon to break through the clutter of promotion/spam emails to get our messages heard.  Good storytelling does that. 

Pulizzi suggests we follow “The Hero’s Journey” format set out below with your brand or prospect as the hero. 

The steps in the hero’s journey are:

  1. The ordinary world.  Your prospect as their life is now, without your product.
  2. The call to adventure.  With your prospect as the hero, your job is to make them consider how the world could be better.
  3. Refusal.  The prospect can relate better to somebody who doesn’t jump at the first opportunity.
  4. The Mentor.  The prospect acquires a guide to help them on the road to discovery.
  5. Crossing into the unknown.  The prospect decides that they want to improve their lot by investigating how to do their job better.
  6. Tests & Challenges.  The prospect has a lot of hoops to jump through to prove themselves (and the solution) worthy.
  7. The reward.  The prospect defeats the obstacles.
  8. Going home.  The prospect now living the better life that your product or service has provided.

At we create a lot of videos.  We use this structure from time to time when a client asks us to create a series. 

You can see the beginning of this outline in the series Engineering Career GPS where our hero, Roger is considering looking for a new job. Episode 1 – 3 are published now.  They relate to steps 1-4 above pretty tightly.

Let me know in the comments below or by email to if you want to chat about how to make your brand videos better.


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