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2012 Digital ad trends for Industrial Marketers. Predictions from Deloitte.
John Hayes posted on January 17, 2012 | 1636 views

I was at the Deloitte TMT Predictions event this morning, as anyone who follows me on Twitter already knows.  The main predictions important to Industrial Marketers are:

  1. When it comes to digital marketing, direct response ad spending (77%) has always trumped branding (23%), even though in offline advertising the reverse is true.  Brand spending is far larger (61%) offline than direct response (39%). 

The folks at Deloitte predict than brand spending online will increase by 50% in 2012 while the balance of Internet ad spending will increase by 11%. 

The main point they make is that sophisticated marketers are starting to understand that you have to make people aware of your product before they can search for it or start into a buying cycle.                  

  1. An additional 30 billion hours of television will be watched on mobile devices in 2012, primarily by commuters.  That bodes well for all of you marketers who are including video in your digital campaigns.  However, if you mix this prediction with the one above, I guess Deloitte would predict that your video campaigns will be aimed more at branding than direct response. 
  1. Consumer spending on technology will defy the economic downturn by growing rapidly, leading to many 2 tablet households (and everyone you target owning a smartphone).  So, if you need to reach engineers, make sure your content and ads work on multiple platforms.  And you may want to go with media partners that have optimized their delivery to mobile devices through apps or mobile sites.   
  1. 3D printing as an industry will grow by 100% plus reaching $200M of revenue, but will still be dominated by prototypes.  Deloitte predicts that 3D Printing won’t replace manufacturing any time soon.
  1. Considering building an app as part of your marketing plan?  Only 20% of branded apps get more than 1,000 downloads.  And while 2012 will see the number of apps created reach 2 million, many of those will be repurposed apps that are separately optimized to run on Android vs. Apple, html5 versus MS, tablets vs smartphones. 

If you are thinking down this path, and it makes sense that you should since there will be more smartphones and tablets sold than PCs in 2012, you would do better to deliver your content over existing media networks, many of which now include apps (shameless plug for, which has the most app downloads of any industrial media company).

There were lots of other predictions, not all of which are relevant to industrial marketers.  You may want to read the entire report here:

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