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How to get 5,000 views for your engineering product video.
John Hayes posted on January 12, 2012 | 1162 views

Most of you created video in 2011.  You thought long and hard about the script, who would be on camera and you agonized over the editing.  And then…nobody watched. 

One of the great marketing myths of our time is that great content drives leads.  The truth is that only great content that gets seen by your target audience drives leads.  Great videos, as often as not, sit unseen on your web site or on Youtube. 

Most industrial marketers are embracing the potential of video, but don’t set aside any budget to make sure people watch.  I think that’s a mistake. 

At we’ve developed a video distribution platform that ensures our videos (and our client’s videos) get seen by the right audience.  It includes:

  • Placement as an Engineer’s Pick on our home page
  • Long term placement on
  • Distribution to mobile devices through our apps
  • Email delivery to over 90,000 email recipients
  • Promotion to over 110,000 Facebook followers
  • Tweeting to 10,000 followers
  • Placement on our Youtube channel

As a result of cultivating this huge base of engineering viewers, we average close to 5,000 views for every video we publish.  You may want to take advantage of services like ours to make sure your video reaches the right audience.


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