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How not to nurture a customer. Marketo should know better.
John Hayes posted on November 29, 2011 | 1345 views
Last week I got a “lead nurturing” email from Marketo, a company that is rocking the world of marketing automation.  The company is admirable in many ways. 
I’m on their mailing list because I watched a video earlier in the year that showcased their marketing automation solutions.  Last week's email was a “nurturing” touch point.  My watching it will no doubt increase my lead score in their system. 
The email promised educational content about "what does marketing automation and revenue performance management really mean?"  Instead, it showed a 4 minute commercial:
No wonder the videos on their YouTube channel only have a few hundred views.  They are not informative nor entertaining.   High production quality is not enough.  Salesy corporate videos belong later in the funnel.  Nurturing does not equal trying to fool customers into viewing sales videos. 
This wouldn’t be worthy of a post, except that Marketo is a marketing automation powerhouse that does so many things right! 

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