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How do you build a business case for content marketing to engineers?
John Hayes posted on November 08, 2011 | 1268 views

At the start of a content engagement, our internal / customers are almost always required to build a business case.  How do they do it?

Sometimes they take a chance.  One of our customers squeezed a content campaign into a lead gen budget, betting that the new content stream would generate a number of Marketing Qualified Leads.  Since the company had a predetermined value per MQL, she could calculate how many MQLs the campaign had to deliver.  That helped clarify how we had to have a clear call to action in every content piece

Other times there are more nuances.  For example, some marketers ask themselves, “What would be the value of having some wonderful customer testimonial video in the hands of a hundred sales staff?” Or how likely is an existing customer to become a repeat customer after they’ve participated in a case study?  These are hard to measure, but for many industrial marketers, even just a handful of big customer wins can justify an entire content marketing campaign. 

In their book “Managing Content Marketing”, Robert Rose and Joe Pulizzi suggest that a good starting point is to determine how big an opportunity you face,  i.e. – how much revenue could the campaign or strategy drive if it was successful?  That sounds like an excellent place to start.

The challenging fact of a content campaign is that the results are diffuse.  You could see more engagement on your web site, more positive first calls for sales people, more brand awareness, more sign-ups to your newsletter, more bona-fide leads, more industry publications talking about you, or all of the above.  


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