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Can your marketing message reach the mobile engineer?
John Hayes posted on October 31, 2011 | 1330 views

Do you picture your prospect at a desk?   Most of the time, he’s not.  Can that create an opportune time to break through?

Most major consumer brands (and even those will less than $100M in revenue) have a budget for mobile device advertising.  According to a report from the Internet Advertising Bureau in July of this year, 83% of companies surveyed have a mobile branded web site and 77% purchase mobile ad banners.  Another 44% use some form of video advertising.

We can confirm enormous growth this year in the percentage of engineers who access content through smart phones and tablets.   

So does it make sense for industrial marketers to use mobile advertising?  That may depend on whether you have budget for branding campaigns.  While the IAB study pointed out that consumer brands use mobile campaigns to drive sales, we believe most B2B marketers would use them for brand awareness.  Used that way they can be very effective because the competition is scarce.   


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