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The elephant in the inbound marketing room
John Hayes posted on October 13, 2011 | 1163 views

You’ve seen the blog posts and read the white papers.  It seems every industrial marketer is touting inbound marketing based on content.  But nobody says much about how you make sure that content reaches its audience. 

The reality is that even excellent inbound strategies tend to require help distributing that content.  For example, there are tons of brilliant videos that nobody sees on Youtube, and countless great white papers that are waiting for an audience.  And even this fabulous blog doesn’t get as many readers as it deserves (“deserve” may be too strong a word here.  But we certainly don’t get as many readers as we want.)

If you are pursuing an inbound marketing strategy that is based on content, our experience shows that you will either have to set aside some funding for distribution, or you will have to invest your time and energy for a very long time to build a following.  Either way, there is a cost. 


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