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What’s the catch? And why you need one when marketing to engineers.
John Hayes posted on September 28, 2011 | 1243 views

Your marketing campaigns need to catch attention.  That’s doubly true of your content marketing.  But if your job is to market industrial solutions, how can you possibly make your messages interesting? 

This post is the final article of TACTIC -  6 steps to creating great engineering marketing content.  TACTIC is an acronym for the 6 steps.  The “Catch” as in “catchy” is the second C in TACTIC.  As in, “you have to make your message interesting, even entertaining” to your audience.

So how can you do it? 

For one thing, consider your medium.  Is a spec sheet catchy?  How about a webinar?  No?  Maybe a free software download? 

As it turns out, blogs, podcasts and video are three media that can deliver a large volume of information in an engaging way.  They meet the engineer’s criteria for quick delivery of information and they cut through the noise of the Internet to reach your audience when they are receptive to your message.

Youtube is littered with the carcasses of videos that aren’t catchy.   Catchy requires that you dial down your marketing message.  I saw an example last week of an advertorial video that was hidden behind registration.  Can you imagine?  The company shot a 1 minute intro version, but if you wanted to see the full product video, you had to register.   Then it was loaded with product pushing.  That’s the opposite of Catchy.  

To be Catchy, you need to entertain.  Sorry to say, but it’s true.  In this world of free information, you have to earn the audience.  And to do that you need an entertaining hook. 

It can be humor, it can be sex appeal, it can be spinning cool graphics.  You can blow things up, or smash them down.  No matter how you do it, the catch has to be there or nobody will watch it, much less share it.  If you want to see some examples of video with a catch, take a look at the Product Design Show, The Learning Series or Some Assembly Required.

We are helping lots of industrial marketers reach their engineering audience with a Catchy content stream.  The price is about one quarter of the number in your head.  You can afford it.

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