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What media can deliver your content to an engineering audience? Our surprise recommendation.
John Hayes posted on September 15, 2011 | 1217 views

We aren’t talking data sheets here.  This post is about choosing the media or instrument for your content marketing, be it a blog, video, podcast, webinar or web pages.  This article is part of a series titled TACTIC -  6 steps to creating great engineering marketing content.  TACTIC is an acronym for the 6 steps.  The “Instrument” is the "I” in TACTIC. 

If you’ve followed the T-A-C-T posts so far, then you’ve already decided what content you will be delivering and to whom.  The next decision is how to deliver it.  

Almost everyone prefers video content.  It’s a more enjoyable and engaging way to tell almost any story.  That said, many engineers may not watch video in their offices because they don’t want the audio to interrupt their co-workers.  And not everyone has the ability to create high-quality video.  As we’ve all seen, there are thousands (millions?) of unloved product videos on Youtube.  Those were all once some marketer’s content dream. 

Blogs and web pages are the easiest to produce.  You just need a writer and a topic.  By all means, start there. 

So our recommendation for your Instrument selection is to publish your content in as many different media as you can, beginning with web pages and blog posts.  That same content can be repurposed into podcasts, webinars, videos and even eBooks.  The reason for all these different formats is that different audience members have different preferences.  Once size does not fit all. 

For example, how many video downloads might your content get if you published it to iTunes?  You probably think close to zero.  We were shocked to find that most of our episodes get over 1,000 downloads from iTunes alone.    That’s in addition to views on our web site, on Youtube, on other engineering sites that pick it up, on Facebook, etc. 

If you are looking for help in creating a content stream that appeals to industrial buyers and engineers, from blogs to video, shoot me a note at


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