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A is for Action. How to make your marketing content deliver.
John Hayes posted on September 07, 2011 | 1480 views


I’m guilty.  Sometimes I hear an industrial marketing idea that just has to be shared, so I write a blog post.  But I forget the call to action.  There is no next step for the reader.  That’s bad marketing. 

In a recent post I set out 6 steps to creating great engineering marketing content.  That post introduced the acronym TACTIC.  This post talks about the second of the 6 steps – the A in TACTIC, which stands for the call to Action for your marketing content.

When you create a piece of content or a series, your goal should be clear from the beginning.  The goal of this blog, for example, is to provide a forum for thought leadership amongst the audience of marketing professionals that make up the prospect base of  Along the way these marketing professionals will be able to form an opinion as to whether or not they would like our help with their marketing efforts to engineers.

Your content goals are likely similar.  When you create a piece of content, you want to ignite a sales cycle with your audience.  That first step can be as early in the sales funnel as earning the right to continue to send messages to that person.  Or it may be further down the funnel depending on where the engineer is in their buying cycle

The point is to make a conscious decision.  What do you want this piece of content to do for you.  You can measure it afterwards. 

If you want any help or just to chat about creating a killer content stream, shoot me a note at  (There.  That’s my call to Action). 


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