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Step 1 to creating great marketing content. Identify the engineering audience.
John Hayes posted on September 01, 2011 | 1559 views

Who is the audience for your industrial content stream?   In a recent post I set out 6 steps to creating great engineering marketing content.  That post introduced the catchy acronym TACTIC.

Step 1 (The T in TACTIC) is for Target.  Who do you want your content to reach?  Before you crank out that white paper or host that webinar or write that blog post, you’ve got to decide.  And it ain’t always easy.

Do you want your content to target the decision makers, the influencers or the actual users? 

Is it the purchasing agent who sources your product?  A design engineer who specifies products like yours?  Some C level person who will refer your article to a decision maker?  A land developer who needs civil engineering advice on a new project? 

You can see how these decisions impact the content you create, the style you use, and where you seed it online. 

Btw - I would like to take credit for the catchy acronym TACTIC, but can’t.  It came from Erick Lamarche through our LinkedIn group “Digital Marketing for Engineers”. 

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