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Creating content that your engineering prospects want
John Hayes posted on August 18, 2011 | 1468 views

Your B2B marketing team desperately wants prospects to care about your product.  They want to build an audience of prospects that identifies with your brand during long sales cycles or between buying decisions.  That’s a worthy goal.  So they create white papers, Facebook fan pages and Youtube videos that extol the virtues of your product.  These efforts typically have poor results.


That’s because your product, no matter how good it is, usually only solves a small sliver of the challenges that your prospects face in their jobs.  If you can figure out what else they need to know, you can build your industrial brand around solving those problems rather than just pushing your product. 


For example, PTC makes product design software.  (They do a lot more than that, but in the minds of many of their prospects, this is what they do.)  Their target users are design engineers.  Design engineers don’t sit around all day wondering what software they might want to use.  Instead, they spend their days solving design challenges. 


So PTC sponsors a content stream called The Product Design Show about design engineers solving design problems.  Woven into these stories are some mentions of PTC software when it makes sense.  But the stories are not about software.  They are about design. This makes the content valuable to the audience and builds credibility, authority and trust for the PTC brand.  They’ve taken the process one step further by engaging a credible media brand to tell their stories (shameless plug for   PTC has branded itself as “The Product Design Company”.  Their content stream supports that branding. 


Solidworks does something similar with their series Let’s Go Design.  The show attracts design engineers and the format allows Solidworks to showcase their products in the process.


These concepts work, and they can work for virtually any industrial brand.  If you want any help or just to chat about creating a killer content stream, shoot me a note at


Note that both PTC and Solidworks are customers of 



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