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What’s a video series got to do with industrial marketing?
John Hayes posted on July 21, 2011 | 1152 views

At the start of 2011 we embarked on an adventure to create the Product Design Show, a weekly series that celebrates great design.  Each week the show focuses on a separate industry vertical and analyzes the design challenges that engineers in that industry face.  


The show is kind of funny and it’s always interesting.  The result is that thousands of people watch it every week.  The show is sponsored by PTC.  They include the show in their social media marketing.


Product designers and engineers of all stripes tune in to watch stories they can relate to.  And in doing so, they are softly exposed to the brand messages of the sponsor.  In the words of Bill Heggie, VP of Creative at PTC, they consider the Product Design Show to be “bait, not bullets”.  They use the show to pull engineers to their stories rather than blasting stories at an audience who may not be listening. 


Here's a recent episode



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