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Connecting with a prospect that has never heard of your company
John Hayes posted on May 25, 2011 | 1220 views

When an engineer prospect has never heard of your company, how do you get them to consider your product as a solution to their problem?  The right message involves a problem-solution orientation. 


We run a lot of marketing campaigns at  Yet, I am still amazed at marketers who think that the first contact with a potential prospect should be a full corporate story.  That is simply a mismatch. 


At the research stage of an engineer’s buying cycle, they aren’t interested in corporate videos, brochures or the fluffy stuff on a web-site.  They are interested in solving a problem.  


The best way to communicate with engineers at this stage is to tell them interesting stories about how problems like theirs have been solved with products like yours.  Being too promotional at this stage will not help your cause.  It will turn off your audience.  Save that for later in the engineer’s buying cycle. 



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