The Office of the Future is first building 3D printed as part of Dubai 3D Printing Strategy. More >>


Airbus unveils a 3D-printed motorcycle that it will be producing in a limited run of 50 units. More >>


EnvisionTEC redefines itself with large-scale SLCOM 1 composite 3D printer. More >>


At RAPID 2016, XJet demonstrated its NanoParticle Jetting technology for the first time in public. More >>


Hack Rod and Fast Radius demonstrate the potential of generative design and 3D printing for producin... More >>


Stratasys has announced new software for bringing realism, connectivity and accessibility to 3D prin... More >>


Through 3D Hubs, anyone can now order carbon fiber–reinforced 3D-printed parts. More >>


HP has announced 3D printing partnerships with Nike, Johnson & Johnson, and Shapeways. More >>


At RAPID 2016, Prodways unveiled one of the first entry-level SLS 3D printers. More >>


The Allforge allows for batch casting of small objects using 3D-printed molds. More >>


The Allforge allows for batch casting of small objects using 3D-printed molds. More >>


Thai architect Pitupong Chaowakul 3D prints a cave concept with a custom printer. More >>


Granta’s material intelligence software will now integrate Senvol’s 3D printing database. More >>


An exclusive look at HP’s game-changing Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology. More >>


Precious Plastic seeks for plastic waste to be reused with open-source manufacturing machines. More >>


Deutsche Bahn has initiated a program to implement 3D printing in railway systems across Europe. More >>


University of Warwick students have 3D printed many of the components for a human-powered submarine. More >>


The FDA has published a draft of the agency’s preliminary thoughts on regulating 3D-printed medical ... More >>


DSM has expanded from photopolymers to 3D printing filaments with Nexeo Solutions. More >>


Polymer supplier Victrex is leading a consortium to develop PAEK materials for 3D printing. More >>


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