Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory discusses in-house technologies for 3D printing architected m... More >> dives into the world of carbon fiber 3D printing. More >>


Two new 3D printing bureaus adopt CLIP 3D printing technology for rapid 3D printing of engineering-g... More >>


The ProMaker D35 is a high-speed, relatively large machine capable of 3D printing high-resolution ob... More >>


Norwegian metal 3D printing firm Norsk Titanium describes its technology and plans in this ENGINEERI... More >>


The Ceramaker is a specialty SLA 3D printer for ceramics 3D printing in alumina, zirconia and hydrox... More >>


3D scanning and printing technologies are making a huge impact on ear implant therapy. More >>


Start-up 3DPrinterOS has developed a robust platform for managing manufacturing technology from one ... More >> reviews the low-cost Ultimaker 2+ 3D printer. More >>


SLA 3D printing proves viable for creating a battle drone for ABC's “BattleBots”. More >>


Mark Palmer, head of experience design at MakerBot, sheds light on how 3D printing improves the iter... More >>


Jens Ertel, Head of the BMW Group’s Additive Manufacturing Center, discusses the work that BMW is do... More >>


Andreas Bastian discusses the challenges and solutions associated with designing 3D-printed prosthet... More >>


Formlabs has announced a successful Series B funding round of $35 million. More >>


Distributed manufacturing startup 3D Hubs has just received a large investment to improve profession... More >>


Enterprise In Space will launch a 3D-printed spacecraft into Earth orbit with 100+ student experimen... More >>


The 3MF Consortium has added two new extensions for mass production to the 3MF file format. More >>


Hackers 3D print copies of the TSA’s master keys for inspecting luggage. What does it mean for priva... More >>


Innovative technologies bring the price of business prop plane down to compete with private jets. More >>


Russian state-owned nuclear energy company ROSATOM has unveiled the country’s first metal 3D printer... More >>


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