GE Aviation has announced that it will acquire Arcam and SLM Solutions for $1.4 billion. More >>


Johnson & Johnson vice president Joseph Sendra discusses the medical giant’s use of 3D printing for ... More >>


Fabbaloo provides an in-depth look at the ES360 desktop 3D scanner from Afinia. More >>


Value Spring Technology is developing a “true” artificial intelligence for tutoring students working... More >>


A component for Boeing’s 777X aircraft snags the Guinness World Record for “largest solid 3D printed... More >>


EOS has announced the EOS M 400-4 3D printer ahead of the IMTS manufacturing trade show. More >> visits a jello shot startup using Plural AM’s 3ntr 3D printing capabilities. More >>


Stratasys “demonstrators” break out from the confines of small 3D printer volumes. More >>


ExOne CEO Kent Rockwell has stepped down to be replaced by James McCarley. More >>


Nano Dimension has shipped its first DragonFly 2020 PCB 3D printer to an Israeli defense company. More >>


Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory discusses in-house technologies for 3D printing architected m... More >> dives into the world of carbon fiber 3D printing. More >>


Two new 3D printing bureaus adopt CLIP 3D printing technology for rapid 3D printing of engineering-g... More >>


The ProMaker D35 is a high-speed, relatively large machine capable of 3D printing high-resolution ob... More >>


Norwegian metal 3D printing firm Norsk Titanium describes its technology and plans in this ENGINEERI... More >>


The Ceramaker is a specialty SLA 3D printer for ceramics 3D printing in alumina, zirconia and hydrox... More >>


3D scanning and printing technologies are making a huge impact on ear implant therapy. More >>


Start-up 3DPrinterOS has developed a robust platform for managing manufacturing technology from one ... More >> reviews the low-cost Ultimaker 2+ 3D printer. More >>


SLA 3D printing proves viable for creating a battle drone for ABC's “BattleBots”. More >>


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