An Assistant Professor at Northwestern University, Dr. Ramille Shah, and postdoc, Dr. Adam Jakus, ha... More >>


WASP CEO Massimo Moretti describes how 3D printing homes and a maker economy could save the world. More >> interviews Jon Cilley, director of marketing at Body Labs, to learn how its AI algor... More >>


Publicly traded bioprinting firm Organovo claims that it has begun work on 3D printing transplantabl... More >>


Philippe Morel, president of additive construction firm XtreeE, discusses the 3D-printed concrete Xt... More >>


Rachel Park gives a rundown of the TCT Show for Fabbaloo. More >>


Rob Connelly, vice president of Additive Technologies at Proto Labs, discusses the company’s new 77,... More >>


The Mark X 3D printer is a bigger, more precise carbon fiber 3D printer with built-in quality contro... More >>


In an interview with, Prodways unveils a new metal material for its DLP 3D printing ... More >>


After acquiring Netfabb in 2015, Autodesk is ready to release Netfabb 2017 for 3D printing. More >>


Justin Shook at Fabbaloo discusses the trend of carbon fiber–reinforced filament for desktop 3D prin... More >>


Optomec has combined CNC machining and metal 3D printing to create more affordable technology. More >>


Lilach Sapir, vice president of marketing and business development for Massivit 3D, discusses the fi... More >>


Facebook has purchased Nascent Objects, a startup that 3D prints modular electronics. More >> explores the various methods by which 3D printing could be used ecologically and sus... More >>


Researching the needs of educators revitalizes outlook for MakerBot’s presence in the classroom. More >>


CNC and fiber layup manufacturer Ingersoll will leverage ORNL technology for the large-scale WHAM 3D... More >>


MakerBot releases new “Tough PLA” Filament, Replicator Plus, Replicator Mini Plus, Mobile Print and ... More >>


Divergent 3D CEO Kevin Czinger discusses the technology behind his disruptive auto 3D printing compa... More >>


Authentise CEO Andre Wegner spoke with about its 3Diax software platform and the new... More >>


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