3D Printing

Japanese researchers have developed a 3D printer capable of printing implantable bone-like material. More >>


A new method for electrophoretic deposition could make EPD a viable AM technique. More >>


There have been several attempts at 3D food printing, ranging from experimental to limited commercia... More >>


Enthusiastic realist plays down the media hype of the manufacturing revolution, but insist great pot... More >>


Research demonstrates 3D printed micro-channels can examine micro quantities of body fluids More >>


Stratasys acquires two major service bureaus, likely increasing its profit margin and brand ID. More >>


According to a recent Sigma Labs press release, the New Mexico company filed a patent application se... More >>


Years ago the MakerBot Thing-O-Matic had a peculiar optional feature, the Automated Build Platform, ... More >>


According to Canalys the 3D printing industry’s value is set to explode thanks to advances in ... More >>


Using a prototype UAV, researchers examine the possibility of 3D printing complex yet disposable aer... More >>


Germany’s Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. (LZH) has used 3D printing technology to create minute a... More >>


The Fortus 400 is a professional grade printer for prototyping, tooling and short-run manufacturing. More >>


For the past few years 3D printing has been making news in the world of medicine. From bioprinting s... More >>


Earlier last week HP CEO Meg Whitman revealed that HP would have some kind of announcement regarding... More >>


Multi-color printer can blend rigid and rubber-like materials into a single print More >>


Researchers at Swansea University are exploring the use of a novel 3D-bioprinting technology to make... More >>


A new high-speed plastic 3D printing technique aims to replace injection molding and CNC milling. More >>


Could HPs Entry into the 3D printing market shift the technology’s potential for adoption, or ... More >>


Camtek (CAMT) is launching a 3D printer for the PCB industry with estimates of .40/share in 2015 ear... More >>


Harvard researchers engineer a 3D printed cardiac replacement tissue that mimics heart muscles. More >>


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