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Rachel Park
Rachel Park (RP Editorial Services - www.rp-editorialservices.co.uk) is an accomplished print and web editor with more than 16 yearsÆ experience in producing engaging and informative copy covering a wide range of subjects. Leveraging 12 years as editor of The TCT Magazine, she has deep insight into the world of 3D printing as well as bountiful passion for the industry.

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3D Printing — Barriers to Adoption (Part 4)
The fourth and final part in Rachel Parks investigation into the barriers to growth in the 3D p...
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3D Printing — Barriers to Adoption (Part 3)

Sorry for the delay with this latest installment in the series of posts on barriers to adoption. A t... More >>
3D Printing — Barriers to Adoption (Part 2)
Part two of guest blogger Rachel Park's series on barriers to 3D printer adoption addresses that lon...
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3D Printing — Barriers to Adoption (Part 1)
Despite the benefits and amazing potential, 3D printing continues to struggle to achieve the wi...
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Sharing & Collaborating: Let’s Take a Page from the Maker Playbook
While the media's headlines of an industrial revolution being born on the shoulders of consumer-clas...
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