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Research May Lead to Low Cost 3D Metal Printing
Open-source metal printers have developed rapidly over the last few years. Michigan researchers say ...
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3D Printing with DNA-Based “Smart Glue”
A team from the University of Texas at Austin have created a way to use DNA as “glue” to...
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Deloitte Offers Free Course of 3D Printing
Deloitte University Press is offering an intro course on #3Dprinting aimed at business & profess...
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Orbiting 3D Printer Completes First Tests
Now that NASA has a 3DPrinter aboard the ISS, what's it been printing? More importantly, does it wor...
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3D Printed Houses Sprouting in China
China continues to push the Additive Manufacturing envelop debuting a huge, 3D Printed, 4-story hous...
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Makerbot's Unusual New Materials
While Makerbot didn't announce a new machine at last week's CES it did debut a host of new and uniqu...
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TNO’s 3D Printing Breakthroughs
TNO has been developing some unique 3D printing technologies. Will we see them in new machines soon?
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VoxelJet Discovers New Manufacturing Angle
Have voxeljet found a way to make sand casting more economical for a wider slice of industry? Print ...
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Challenges Coming for 3D Printing In Space
Now that NASA has a 3DPrinter aboard the ISS, what issues might the technology face over the long te...
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3D Printing Will Not Revolutionize the Food Industry
Will 3D printing be a disruptive force in the food industry? Kerry Stevenson of Fabbaloo thinks not....
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Solving Those 3D Printing Warps
The most annoying thing about personal 3D printers are their warped parts. Fabbaloo looks at a radic...
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Personal 3D Printing Safety Concerns
So, you've got your new 3DPrinter setup and ready at home. Are there any safety concern you should b...
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3D Printing Stocks Punished in September
Despite the years long hype 3DPrinting stocks were punished in September. Will 3DP stock prices stab...
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Stop Comparing 3D Printing to Mass Production!
It’s time to make it clear to everyone who asks: 3D printing isn’t mass production. And ...
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An Incredible 3D BioPrinter
Alan Faulkner-Jones a PhD student at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh has created a revolutionary...
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Amphora May Revolutionize 3D Printed Plastics

At this year’s 3D Printshow in London the most important item seen, in our opinion, was the la... More >>
Desirable Facial Prosthetics
3D Printing features prominently in a Dyson Award winning facial prosthetic that can be configured o...
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3D Printing Simplifies Manufacturing In Ways You Didn’t Realize

We found an unusual method of leveraging 3D printing technology to simplify the process of manufactu... More >>
The Eight Fundamental 3D Printing Prep Functions
3D printing a model isn't always as simple as just hitting the “print” button. So what s...
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Stratasys Patent Claims Against Afinia Dropped, Partially
Stratasys drops one of four patent infringement claims against Afinia. Will the others fall too?&nbs...
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