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The folks at intentional3D have managed to acquire a new MakerBot fifth generation Replicator and pe... More >>


A new online marketplace focused on professional 3D printing services has launched: RP Marketplace. ... More >>


There have been several attempts at 3D food printing, ranging from experimental to limited commercia... More >>


Earlier last week HP CEO Meg Whitman revealed that HP would have some kind of announcement regarding... More >>


With the release of their fifth-generation Replicator personal 3D printer, we noticed a feature that... More >>


A new startup company hopes to provide DRM-like services for 3D printing. Authentise wants to solve ... More >>


3D printing technology is affecting everything. It even affects the way you produce a fashion show. More >>


We got thinking about Uformia’s new Uformit service and realized something important. Somethin... More >>


US Patent number 5,597,589, “Apparatus for producing parts by selective sintering”, is t... More >>


Bloomberg speculates on the future of 3D printing giant Stratasys. They believe the company could be... More >>


We’re beginning to notice a significant trend. When looking at new emerging personal 3D printe... More >>


If you’ve been learning about 3D printing, you’ll know that the best things to print are... More >>


Formlabs, makers of the most popular resin-based personal 3D printer, announced they will now accept... More >>


Ben Reytblat’s new venture, 3DMonstr, has attracted some attention on Kickstarter, where the p... More >>


It's always interesting to examine a 3D printer with an entirely new process for producing objects. ... More >>


If you have a plastic extrusion-based personal 3D printer, there's some things you'd better know. Th... More >>


3D printing giant 3D Systems isn't standing still. At the EuroMold exhibition today they announced n... More >>


There are several initiatives seeking to link 3D print owners with 3D print buyers, but as time pass... More >>


MakerBot recently issued some tips and instructions on how to best use their new Digitizer 3D scanne... More >>


Stratasys, one of the largest 3D printing companies in the world today, faces transition. While the ... More >>


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