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We all know that 3D printing has many uses, and as the technology has become more available, people ... More >>


Unlike most aircraft, a bat’s wing is in constant motion when in flight. Researchers at Brown ... More >>


EnvisionTEC recently unveiled the newest model of its lineup, the 3Dent SCP 3D printer. The printer,... More >>


Last December, office supply giant Staples entered into the 3D printing market by teaming up with Mc... More >>


In 27 years, what will transportation look like? I can’t give you any definitive predictions, ... More >>


Tuan Tranpham, a Stratasys employee, has recently published three infographics that cover his predic... More >>


Late last year, we reported on Softkill Design’s 3D-printed house concept. Built around a... More >>


So Mr. Immelt, “Is 3D printing a game changer?” In an interview with The Economist's G... More >>


Nanoscribe GmbH, a Germany-based company that specializes in nanophotonics and 3D laser lithography,... More >>


High accuracy 3D printing wunderkind Formlabs is about to reach another milestone.  After havin... More >>


While the allure of 3D printing appeals to nearly everyone, sometimes the thought of having to build... More >>


Last year, China’s vice minister of industry and information technology, Bo Su, promised that ... More >>


Although controversial in the US, stem cell research offers some of the best opportunities to produc... More >>


Not too long ago, we reported about the groundbreaking research being done by Prof.  Bandy... More >>


A new white paper written by Michael Weinberg, “What's the Deal with Copyright and 3D Printing... More >>


Geomagic has released its newest version of Geomagic Freeform 3D modeling software. Geomagic Freefor... More >>


Most personal-class 3D printers require plastic filament of some kind or another. Recently some manu... More >>


Market dynamics are one of the most difficult things to understand, and unfortunately for investors,... More >>


We got the lowdown on the newest in 3D printing machines, materials and technologies that ... More >>


Roomba robotic vacuum may be joined by the “Robotic Fabricator”. More >>


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