MX3D has finally revealed the first section of the first functional 3D-printed bridge to span a cana... More >> speaks to Brent Stucker, co-founder and CEO of 3DSIM, about the company’s latest sof... More >>


After hitting the crowdfunding site, the T3D smartphone 3D printer has successfully been funded on K... More >>


Don Larsen, Arconic Vice President of R&D and General Manager of Advanced Manufacturing, discusses i... More >>


Carbon has launched a materials program to sell large volumes of resin for large-scale manufacturing... More >>


3D Printhuset has begun 3D printing a hotel/office in Copenhagen. More >>


Fast moving Chinese 3D printing/scanning company plans on more business overseas. More >> speaks to Elementum 3D about the company’s unique metal powder composites for metal ... More >> speaks to Tethers Unlimited about its Refabricator 3D printing project. More >>


The Sinterit Lisa is now the cheapest SLS 3D printer on the market. More >>


German manufacturer voxeljet plans to unveil its first HSS 3D printer this fall. More >>


FitStation scans feet to make 3D-printed custom footwear. More >>


XYZprinting has launched a full-color desktop 3D printer that may be unprecedented. More >> speaks to Leo Christodoulou, director of Structures and Materials, Enterprise Operat... More >>


Laying the foundation for its Archinaut project, Made In Space was able to 3D print in a vacuum and ... More >>


With Q2 2017, Stratasys reported a $6.1 million loss, but moderate improvement from Q1. More >> speaks to CEO of Voodoo Manufacturing Max Friefeld about how industrial robotics can... More >>


Chemical giant BASF is to set up a new subsidiary dedicated to 3D printing. More >>


3D Systems published its Q2 2017 results, which did not meet previous expectations. More >>


In an interview with, Professor Roberto Di Leonardo explains how his team was able t... More >>


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